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  • Johnclair

    Nature is what contains us. And we are not unlike from nature; we are very much a part of it. We come into view to be unlike from it, but we are only a different shade of it. Nature manifests as many things we are only one of these many manifestations. Nature is that which, as a part, we mimic in order to show its utter upkeep of energy and capital. It seeks to waste nothing and complete circles of life. We may therefore define unnatural as that which squanders energy. This can even be useful to morals, where we find that violence leads pending touching and physical energy wasted on pursuits that often only increase violence, thus reducing society's control and upkeep of energy. Spending some time in nature can feel like a relief after staring at a screen or being stuck inside all day. There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature: you can exercise outside, document what you see, and even just commit you to really experiencing what’s happening. If you can’t get outside, bring natural world inside to you. Plant a home garden. A home garden will require you to be outside pretty often while you tend to your plants. Measure the space you want for your garden and ask an specialist at a home garden store for plant suggestions. I love nature. First and leading because I am a part of it. I feel that connection with all of it. All the life I see; I am related to it. All of it, from the trees and grass and flowers to the birds and ants .At some point in the evolutionary tree we had a common forebear( ). Beautiful! Nature is where we belong to, and we must take all steps to nurture nature for a better future. Enjoying nature is fun, and we will be able to learn so many new things when we start watch the nature around us.

    2019-07-03 12:35:47