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  • belitakin123

    Nature is the normal environment which encloses us, cares us and nurtures us every second. It gives us a caring layer around us to prevent from the harms. We cannot stay alive on the earth without nature like air, sky, water, fire and land. Nature consists of the whole thing around us like rain, lake, birds, plants, animals, river, forests, sea, thunder, mountain, desserts, sun, moon, weather, hills, ice, etc. Every shape of nature is very potent which has capacity to nurture and destroy us. Now a day, no one has time to seek joy from nature. In the rising crowd we forget to enjoy nature and enhance health. We began using other tools for our health. ( ) It is a true fact that nature has power to feed us and keep us fit forever. Most of the writers have portrayed the real splendor and benefit of the nature in their works. Nature has talent to make our brain tension free and heal our illness. Because of technical progress in the life of human being, our nature is waning gradually which needs a high level of alertness to keep it in stability and to save natural assets. God has produced the whole thing very delightfully seeing which our eyes can never be bushed. But we fail to remember that we too have some duty towards our nature to bond between nature and human beings. How beautiful it is to see the morning with sunrise, songs of birds, sounds of lakes, air and happy meetings of friends in the dusk in garden after a tiring day of work. But we fail to see the beauty of the nature in just satisfying our duties to our families. At times during our holidays we waste our whole day by watching TV and playing indoor games. Just go out and feel the beauty.

    2019-07-01 08:57:34